Starter Feeds

The most vulnerable stage of the growth cycle, hence the importance on highly nutrient dense feeds. Our diets are specifically designed for this purpose using highly digestible feed materials such as fishmeal.

30% Superfine Crumb ACS*

A specifically manufactured product to encourage early feed intake by partridge chicks. The high specification with an inclusion of fishmeal supplies the critical nutrients necessary for the all-important first few weeks of development.

Product code: 1394202203

* ACS = Avatec to give 120 mg/kg Lasalocid Sodium

28% Starter Crumb ACS*

A nutrient dense palatable crumb incorporating fishmeal. Its formulation matrix using selected quality feed materials ensures delivery of key nutrients and additives to promote not only growth and development but also health and vigour.

Product code: 1395302203

* ACS = Avatec to give 120 mg/kg Lasalocid Sodium

25% Micro Pellet (2mm) ACS*

A high specification feed designed as a follow on to the Starter Crumb. This high quality digestible ration continues to supply the basis for improved growth and development with the standard addition of organic acids and plant extracts to aid health and well being.

Product code: 1377702203

* ACS = Avatec to give 120 mg/kg Lasalocid Sodium

Features and Benefits

  • All diets formulated to promote bird health
  • Added enzymes to enhance feed digestion leading to improved litter condition
  • High physical quality of products to ensure good intakes
  • Omega 3 fatty acids to support and promote the immune system
  • Use of organic acids, natural oils and plant-based extracts as an aid against disease challenges and to promote chick viability
  • Added levels of amino acids to aid strong skeletal growth, feather cover and development

NATUPRO™ – is an alternative nutritionally enhanced protein designed to allow efficient absorption and utilisation of amino acids be animals; essential in the developing and growing bird.
GENEX™ – a mix of organic acids plus specific natural oils and plant extracts included to promote gut health and reduce bacterial contamination.  ——- ————– ———- ——- —— ———-
OMEGA 3 FATTY ACIDS – improves breeding success and acts as an aid against disease challenges ultimately leading to better chick viability and consequently higher survival rates.——— ——