Grower Feeds

As the bird matures the importance of strong skeletal structure and good feathering comes critical to ensure the birds are well protected when they move out to wood and fly well.

Mini Rearer Pellets (2.5mm) ACS*

This ration is formulated to consolidate the growth and development of the birds using a consistent mix of quality digestible feed materials to minimise nutritional stress. Comprehensive supplementation of micronutrients, plus omega 3 fatty acids, ensures good feathering, robust health and vitality.

Product codes:

23% Mini Rearer (2.5mm) ACS*

* ACS = Avatec to give 120 mg/kg Lasalocid Sodium

Grower Pellets (2.5mm and 3.0mm) ACS*

Balanced energy and protein feeds formulated to follow on from Mini Rearer. Continued use of a similar range of ingredients maintains efficient digestion and enhanced feed utilisation: more performance from less; sustained healthy growth and development for production of thriving even batches of birds.

Product codes:

20% Early Grower Pellet (2.5mm) ACS*
20% Super Grower Pellet (3mm) ACS*

* ACS = Avatec to give 120 mg/kg Lasalocid Sodium

Withdrawal Pellets (3.0mm)

Non-medicated balanced ration containing quality digestible ingredients enriched with trace elements and vitamins to sustain growth and development during the latter stages of the rearing period.

Product codes:

1389502 – 18% Game Withdrawal Pellet (3mm)

Features and Benefits

  • All diets formulated to promote bird health
  • Added enzymes to enhance feed digestion leading to improved litter condition
  • High physical quality of products to ensure good intakes
  • Omega 3 fatty acids to support and promote the immune system
  • Use of organic acids, natural oils and plant-based extracts as an aid against disease challenges and to promote chick viability
  • Added levels of amino acids to aid strong skeletal growth, feather cover and development

NATUPRO™ – is an alternative nutritionally enhanced protein designed to allow efficient absorption and utilisation of amino acids be animals; essential in the developing and growing bird.
GENEX™ – a mix of organic acids plus specific natural oils and plant extracts included to promote gut health and reduce bacterial contamination.  ——- ————– ———- ——- —— ———-
OMEGA 3 FATTY ACIDS – improves breeding success and acts as an aid against disease challenges ultimately leading to better chick viability and consequently higher survival rates.——— ——