Dog Food

Skinners Maintenance 18%

Maintenance is formulated to support dogs with a low to moderate activity level during or outside of the working season.

Suitable for dogs that are prone to weight gain, resting or recovering out of season and so do not require an energy dense feed.



Skinners Working 23%

With a protein level of 23% and a fat level of 10%, Working 23 is a firm favourite with many working dog handlers.

The perfect valance of protein, fat and carbohydrates to give all-round nutritional support, plus essential fats and oils to maintain a healthy and shiny coat.


Skinners Field and Trail Muesli Mix

It has been specially developed and formulated to support dogs with a moderate to high activity level.

The mix of whole-wheat biscuits, cooked cereals and vegetables combined with beef-based protein pellets and all the essential oils, vitamins and minerals that your dog needs, creates an interesting and palatable meal.

Minimum bag order is 50 x 15kgs but can be a mixed pallet – all above is zero rated VAT.