Breeder Feeds

Breeding is a key stage, and we understand the basis of preparing the birds to be in peak performance to provide a successful and profitable breeding season.

All of the below are available in one tonne lots packed in strong, reusable plastic 25 KG bags.

18% Pheasant Breeder Pellet (3mm)

Recommended to feed up to 4 weeks prior to start of lay. A nutrient dense balanced ration to maintain a fit and healthy body condition. It supplies essential amino acids, omega 3 fatty acids and trace elements in a readily available form to stimulate fertility, egg production and hatchability. The starting point to a profitable breeding and rearing season.

Product code: 1386502

20% Partridge Breeder Pellet (2.5mm)

A specialised palatable nutritious diet to meet the demands of breeding partridges.

Extra protein and an emphasis on supplementation with respect to amino acids, bio-available trace elements and omega 3 fatty acids aids fertility and egg hatchability.

Product code: 1399402

Features and Benefits

  • All diets formulated to promote bird health
  • Added enzymes to enhance feed digestion leading to improved litter condition
  • High physical quality of products to ensure good intakes
  • Omega 3 fatty acids to support and promote the immune system
  • Use of organic acids, natural oils and plant-based extracts as an aid against disease challenges and to promote chick viability
  • Added levels of amino acids to aid strong skeletal growth, feather cover and development

NATUPRO™ – is an alternative nutritionally enhanced protein designed to allow efficient absorption and utilisation of amino acids be animals; essential in the developing and growing bird.
GENEX™ – a mix of organic acids plus specific natural oils and plant extracts included to promote gut health and reduce bacterial contamination.  ——- ————– ———- ——- —— ———-
OMEGA 3 FATTY ACIDS – improves breeding success and acts as an aid against disease challenges ultimately leading to better chick viability and consequently higher survival rates.——— ——