What3Words could save a Gamekeepers life?

What3Words could save a Gamekeepers life?

As we all know – Gamekeepers, stalkers, ghillies and various countryside enthusiasts often find themselves alone, in extremely remote locations. But, what happens when something goes wrong? How would an injured or unwell individual, in need of medical attention, contact emergency services and let them know EXACTLY where they are? Well, the team at What3Words have created an app that can do just this – pinpoint your position anywhere on earth to a 3m by 3m square.    


What3Words is a free to download app and a fantastic innovation that has divided the entire globe into a grid of 57 trillion 3m by 3m (10ft by 10ft) squares, with each square having its own unique and simple three-word address – rather than complicated and confusing coordinates. The free smartphone app allows the user to pinpoint the square they are occupying by the three-word address. For example, ‘filled.count.soap’ marks the exact entrance to the What3Words London HQ. And, there is a grid in the middle of the North Yorkshire Moors that is identified as ‘cages.belief.stones’.

Clearly, this ingenious idea can be very beneficial to a vast number of people in the field sports and game industries.

How else could it help?

The list of industries that the app is currently expanding into is quite impressive. Automation (Mercedes, Jaguar, Ford), Ride Hailing, Navigation, Travel and E-commerce, Logistics, Government and Humanitarian sectors are among the uptakes of the app.

However, the most interesting sector to roll out the app, and certainly the most applicable to the game industry, is emergency services. As it currently stands, nearly 40 police, fire and rescue departments from the across the UK are using What3Words and of the forces that are using the app – emergency 999 callers can now give their three-word grid location, which can be used to locate their exact location instantly.

For individuals who do not have the app and need it, call handlers in certain areas have the ability to send out an automated SMS message with a link to the What3Words app – allowing the individual to see their three-word grid location.

Well worthwhile

Although as gamekeepers, stalkers and countryside enthusiasts we pride ourselves on knowing our land, it is always wise to remember that other people do not know it like us. So, if simply downloading a free app can potentially save your life, it might well be worth it.

It is certainly an app that could compliments the rural, remote and off the grid work that we do in the countryside.

To download the app, or for more information on What3Words – please follow the link.